7 Hidden Sioux City Gems that Won’t Be Hidden for Long

Every explorer loves finding the hidden gem. Whether it’s a cute shop, a cozy restaurant or a natural wonder, Sioux City has them. And they’re all gems, so they won’t stay hidden long. Here are just a few of the countless surprises you can find at every bend.

7) Sergeant Floyd Monument

Sergeant Floyd Monument commemorates Sergeant Charles Floyd, Jr., the only member of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery to die on their journey. A stunning structure in and of itself, it also boasts dramatic views of the Missouri River.

6) LaunchPAD Children’s Museum

Looking for something to do with the kids? Add the LaunchPAD to your list! Featuring engaging activities such as air tunnels and block walls, there are also lively themed zones including build, water, flight, and agriculture.

5) A Charlie Boy at Miles Inn

You may have heard of the Iowa “loose meat” sandwich – and a lot of great places have their own take on it. Few are better known than Miles Inn’s “Charlie Boy”. Grab this simple and craveable sandwich with a cold schooner of beer and taste a bit of Iowa history.

4) Sioux City Public Museum

This is not your typical stuffy museum. The Sioux City Public Museum has loads of hands-on exhibits detailing Sioux City’s colorful history and traditions. It’s one of several area museums that are “must see” gems.

3) Sculpt Siouxland

It’s hard to actually call them hidden, but they’re certainly gems. Sculpt Siouxland rotates unique public art in spaces around downtown Sioux City. Take a stroll, take in the art and take a pic!

2) Milwaukee Weiner House

With so many diverse restaurants and cuisines, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. But Milwaukee Weiner House is certainly one of the longest lasting favorites. Since 1918, Milwaukee has served up affordable dogs with your choice of tasty fixins.

1) Adams Homestead and State Nature Preserve

There are hundreds of geographic wonders surrounding Sioux City, but when it comes to off-the-beaten path, Adams Homestead may take the cake. The sprawling nature preserve featuring homesteader buildings make it a great place to take in history, nature and birdwatching. Learn more at exploresiouxcity.org
Hidden Gems - LaunchPAD Childrens Museum